Jog today!

And now life gets real…

  • Today – jog is at 3pm
  • Friday – 1:20 – 4:12 Class: 501 CDI Grand Prix (we’ll know our ride time after the jog today)
  • Saturday – 9: 30 – 11:02 Class: 502 CDI Grand Prix Special
  • link to the live streaming –
  • live streaming – Friday and Saturday 5am to 5pm (PST)

We got to work in the indoor arena yesterday (the show ring). Lance was wide eyed and very nosey…he finally started thinking about his job by the end of the session! He finds this indoor ring very, very interesting and would like Lindsey to just follow him around to go exploring the bleachers, the ring, the squishy footing, etc, etc, etc. Give him a pail and a shovel and he would have loved making sand castles at X!!! No sand castles Lance…how about piaffe?

Today will be be another session in the indoor with (we hope 🙂 ) serious Lance!




Off to find a large cup of tea!


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