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On the road…tomorrow!

Lance and William had lessons with Shannon yesterday. Fred had a lunge session in the round pen (She is recovering from a dermatitis on her legs this week. She is on 2 antibiotics and an anti inflammatory till tomorrow…poor Fred, she’s had a tough month!!!)

We’ll have a normal day today with the added tasks of getting things ready to pack in the trailer for our trip to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Tomorrow we plan on being on the road for about 9:30 to 10 am. Traffic is an issue around LA while hauling a horse trailer so we’ll time the trip around the rush hours.

First CDI this weekend!!! And we’re off…

This will be Fred in her turnout pen this weekend..."Where's Lance!!!"

This will be Fred in her turnout pen this weekend…”Where’s Lance!!!”

(William won’t care…any day spent soaking up the sun and rolling in the sand is just fine with him!!!)


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