You’re right Lauren Sprieser…

Dressage is not for sissies…

This is Lauren’s article at Chronicle from Aug 2013 and we couldn’t have said it better!

Now magnify the process 100X and ride Grand Prix. And ride Grand Prix with a stellar moving, very generous, exuberant partner…dressage is not for sissies.

As we prepare for our first CDI of 2015, we are checking all the boxes to get ready. One box we checked was a GP Special test on Lance at Arroyo yesterday. Yahoo test day! And Lindsey nailed it! Remember…dressage ain’t for sissies…Lindsey nailed it because she works hard…very hard. She works very hard in her head, in her heart and in her body.

We video Lindsey’s rides everyday. At home, at Arroyo, every ride. She reviews the rides later each day. The feel of her ride is fresh in her mind and she can see and note the corrections she’ll make for the next day’s ride. Before the next day’s rides, we have a brief talk on her notes . Dressage is not for sissies.

Lindsey has lessons with Shannon or with me everyday. At home, at Arroyo. Lindsey is a very competent dressage rider/trainer/coach. (Very competent is an understatement!!!) But she comes to her lessons everyday with Shannon and me prepared to learn something…and not just the easy stuff. She arrives at each lesson prepared to have concepts redesigned, reorganized and some totally taken away…now go and ride Grand Prix….dressage is not for sissies.

Lindsey hits the gym 6-7 days/week. She has a university degree in Kinesiology and she is a Stott Certified Pilates instructor. She designs and plans her workouts based improving her work in the saddle. 6 days/week…snow, hot, Christmas, long work days…6 days/week…dressage is not for sissies.

Absence of Giving Up


And it’s hard not being a sissy. Yeah Lindsey…dressage is not for sissies!

Off to the stable…a great day ahead…


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