Santa Ana winds…whoo boy o boy!!

“The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry, down-slope winds that originate inland, from the Mojave Desert.” Wikipedia.

The Santa Ana winds arrived yesterday. They are very strong (everything was blowing horizontal by mid day yesterday) and very hot (it was 31 when we left the barn) and very dusty (today is going to be a Tylenol day for sure…allergies ugh…).

We rode Lance and Fred with Shannon in the covered arena to try and stay out of the wind. By the time we were to get on William, the winds were at full force and leaves and branches were flying around in the arena. Off to the treadmill for you my boy…tomorrow is another day!

Today is test day for Lance and William will have a lesson as well with Shannon. Fred will continue her work in the covered.

As I sit and watch the sun come up, the tree tops are still and quiet. I’ll cross my fingers that the worst of the winds were yesterday and today will be just another lovely Santa Ana-less day at the barn!!!!


Wind or no wind, its going to be another lovely day at the barn!!

Looking for more Tylenol and Kleenex…


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