A trail ride for William.

William has been working very hard…cavelleties, hills and bendy bits. Wednesday is trail riding morning so William went on a trail ride with Chino!

Chino and William


Chino is the Arroyo Del Mar groom  extraordinaire that turns out all three horses each morning before we get to the stable. Thank you so much Chino for your care and expertise in dealing with them…it makes our mornings simpler and our horses very, very happy!

Monday was a low key day for us all as we recovered from the energy expended at the show last weekend. Lance had the day off and the other two had a lunge day. Tuesday was back at full work for all three.

Yesterday Lance and Fred had lessons with Shannon (William was happily trail riding!!!).  Both Lance and Fred worked in the cavesson (google “Spanish Riding School Cavesson if you want more info on it). It is a wonderful thing for so many reasons but for us the use, for right now, is to focus the accuracy of the half halt to the hind end power. And in Lindsey’s more than capable hands, it does the job nicely.

Today Lance and Fred will have a lesson with Shannon and we’ll work William once again on the hills and cavelletti.

(The fog has finally lifted and Tuesday the waves were very, very large! We took some extra time in the morning and went to Pannikin for tea…just to travel up and then back down the coast to watch the waves! We saw lots of surfers bobbing around in the waves but no one up and riding them. Maybe they were too big or not the best “riding” type????)



Off to unroll my yoga mat…


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