A quick update on yesterday!

I really had to pinch myself several times yesterday.

Karl Mikolka with Shannon Peters in the morning and a great ride with Lindsey and Lance in the afternoon. What an amazing day.

Karl and Shannon’s work blew us all away. It was so wonderful to see Shannon’s work in such broken down into concise detail. Shannon has been working with Karl for decades and works with his concepts and ideas everyday; in her own work with her horses and with her students and their horses. So watching Karl instruct Shannon was like watching Shannon ride (which we get to do most days) with subtitles…subtitles with an slight Austrian accent and lots and lots of details. What a morning!!!!

We had to leave Shannon and Karl at noon to head back to the show grounds for Lance’s Grand Prix test. The warm up was so good and the ride was wonderful.

Lindsey and Lance, with Shannon’s help, have found a new forward balance. It take a lot of new muscles to stay in this new balance for both Linds and Lance. And it takes a lot of brain power to concentrate to be able to sustain it throughout the whole test!!! Lindsey was right on, Lance tried really hard to think and think and think…he was thinking soooo hard he lost his way in a couple of lines. 66.4%, third place (the top four rides were 66%-67.1%). I am sooo proud of the both of them!!! They have made such big changes in balance and technique in 2 weeks!!! Amazing!!! Thank you, thank you Shannon Peters…

So today is more Karl and Shannon this morning and the Grand Prix Special with Lindsey and Lance at 1:36.

Time to fit in a shower and off to the show grounds to feed Lance!!!



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