Another foggy beachy morning…

The fog has been with us for a couple of days and will be around for at least a couple more! It burns off at the stable as the sun gets higher in the morning and then settles offshore for the day. It makes for very rosy, pink sunsets at the end of the day! Lovely! (though it’s screwing up the start tee times for the Torrey Pines PGA tournament!!)


Yesterday Lance had a very nice walk around the property and Fred and William took the lesson slots with Shannon. The lessons were awesome (as usual!!).  William will have a light day today and Lance and Fred will lesson with Shannon.

We’ll stop at Show Park on our way home today and set up Lance’s stall for the show. We’ll haul over tomorrow morning and meet Shannon there for lessons.  Saturday’s Grand Prix is 1:32 and Sunday’s Grand Prix Special is 1:54.

This weekend is our warm up show (it’s a National or Gold Level show) for the Burbank CDI (International Level show) at the end of February.

But yesterday and for the next couple of days, we’re all cheering Steffen, Dawn and Tracy competing at the CDI 3* and CDI 5* in Florida. Go Team Peters!!!

Lights on for the drive to the stables this morning….


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