The week’s plan…

We have our first show this weekend. It’s here in Del Mar at a venue called Show Park (just south of Mary’s Tack Shop). We have planned this show as our warm up show as it’s not a CDI, it’s a national (gold) show. The footing is wonderful, the stabling is super and the judges are great. Show Park not a venue that works well in the rain so we are very thankful the weather forecast is sunny all week.

Lance will get a light day on Wednesday and lessons with Shannon the other days this week. Fred and William looked great this weekend so will be up to full power this morning and be totally ready for lessons with Shannon.

So a full week of work with all three and then to the show grounds on Friday with Lance.

His ride time at the Mid-Winter Dressage Show for the Grand Prix is 1:32 Saturday and the Grand Prix Special is 1:54 Sunday.

And a very big event will be happening this weekend…Shannon’s long time coach and mentor, Karl Mikolka will be here. Her lessons are planned for Saturday and Sunday morning so we will be able to audit the work before heading to the show grounds to get Lance ready for his class. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a master at work and we are very thankful that we can participate.

Gonna be a great week!!




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