That was a day off????

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing daughter Aleksandra Woodroffe and her awesome skills and knowledge with dealing with website design and general internet savvy!!!  Totally Awesome!!! She and Neil travelled to San Diego, donated her day off and tackled the very big job of “Let’s fix my website Al!!!!”

While the girls slog away on web design, Neil is "working from home".  (note the selfie stick on a tripod...Edmonton is playing at home...)

While the girls slog away on web design, Neil is “working from home”. (note the phone on the selfie stick on a tripod…Edmonton was playing Calgary…)

Those of you who have websites know that the beauty and the beast of them is updating and keeping them current.  Our Flying Colours Stables website was a wonderful thing (in it’s day!).  The updating and keeping it current has not been high on the job list as it was a very large mountain of knowledge to climb and I just didn’t have the time!!!  Enter my talented, generous daughter and her commitment to take on the task. Thank you, thank you Aleks!!!

We now have Flying Colours Stables, Flying Colours Dressage and Core Mechanics for Riders (all .com!!) in one, easy to edit, easy to update space.  Whew!!!! Very big job done.  We still have hours of work ahead to finish the copy for all the pages but it is now doable!!  (insert very big smiley face here…. 🙂 )

The website will be fully functional in the next couple of days (waiting for final authorization of domain name transfers and other intenety detailey stuff)  I’ll post the link to the new site as it get finalized.

Yesterday Lindsey hit the gym in the am and dealt with the horses in the afternoon while Aleks and I worked on our laptops.  Neil brought stuff from work to catch up on and Ivars had one last couple of hours on his bike.  (It was a wonderful day even if we didn’t get to take our laptops to the beach to catch some toes in the sand beach time while we worked…..ha! time Neil!!!)

Ivars flys back to Alberta today :(.  Aleks and Neil drive back to Phoenix today :(.  Barb and Curtis are on the road as well and should be here Tuesday :).

Lindsey’s plans include a workout this am and then we’ll both head to the stable to put some light work on the horses.  It’s going to be a very quiet evening when we get home!!  Cleaning the condo will be on the list!!!

Off to find my yoga mat…


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