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I have about 10 different lists running concurrently in my head…and they all need working on this week!!!

The horses all are working very hard and we’ve has some amazing moments this week.  Today is their day off so they’ll get a good long hand walk in the arena, time on the Vibe Plate and a session with the Centurion blanket.  I have a couple of lessons this morning, Lindsey is spending a morning at home catching up and we have a staff meeting this afternoon.  Whoo hoo!!!! I get to tick more things off one of the lists!

Here’s the fine print on when we’ll be home this spring…



Off to check more lists, maybe make a new one???…


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Show season has started…we leave for California in 10 days…

The packing has started.  Started but no one is panicking yet….

Lindsey and I have been so busy making sure everything is done around here.  The last Pilates/Dressage Workshop (Core Mechanics for Riders) is now completed till we get back, our students all have a long list of homework to work on till we return (both Lindsey and I will fly home several times between shows this spring) and my staff is polished and pumped for taking over the reins while we’re gone (they are going to really enjoy the “not crazy” days ahead!!).

So export papers have been done, coggins tests done and they are all freshly clipped (a big thanks to Laura Harder, Red Ribbon Clipping!!)

This week we will be upping the work on all three; polishing test moves, working on consistency and fine tuning understanding.  As we get closer to putting them in the trailer we’ll back off a bit on the work.  A balancing of fit but not too fit to stay happy for three days in the trailer.

Off to start my next very crazy, busy, happy day…


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We are doing it again this weekend!!

Core Mechanics for Riders!!!  Pilates/Dressage Workshop again this weekend!!

This is not sit trot…

Sit trot not



Once again this weekend we will be exploring and learning the mechanics of the core on the mat and how to apply it in the saddle; at walk, at trot and at canter!

We are very busy this week…it’s workshop weekend ahead, it’s finalize travel plans week (today is export papers and Coggins test day with Dr. Herbers), and today is Grand Prix test day for Lance!!

We have 2 weeks left at home before we are all on the road to California and a month before our first show in Del Mar.

Lotsa work to get done…off to make footprints in the snow, headed to the stable!!!


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Pilates/Dressage Workshop at -30C???…Well Yeaaaah!!!

An amazing weekend with amazing riders and truly amazing work!  Minus 30 won’t stop us…we’re Canadian!

Winter Road


The weather outside was classed as “extreme cold” but we were toasty and warm in the barn and arena.  Take that winter!!!  We started with a group mat class on Saturday morning and then applied the mat work with private “in saddle” sessions that afternoon.  Sunday’s schedule started with semi private mat sessions and more one on one saddle work in the afternoon.

The horses were tired, the riders were happy tired and Lindsey and I were awesomely, amazingly tired and grateful for such a wonderful weekend!!

And we get to do it again with another group of riders this weekend!!!

Now off to start my Monday and another -30C day…off to ride and teach…Wednesday is test day!!!  Get at ‘er…we’re Canadian!!!


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2015…Learning, Exploring and Application



Pilates/Dressage Workshop this weekend and another one next weekend.  Both workshops have a wait list but openings do happen so if you are interested, contact me for more details.

What is and how does a neutral pelvis affect my seat…we’re going to explore the details!

Why is learning how to hinge up into “bridge” important to my seat…we’re going to explore that as well!

Why the heck is plank important to an effective seat…we’ve got that covered!

2015…learning, exploring and application!



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Happy New Year!!

I love Neil Gaiman…here’s his 2015 new year’s wishes from his twitter feed yesterday…

Neil 2015


“I meant and meant them all.  I wasn’t going to write a new one this year. But…

Be kind to yourself in the year ahead.

Remember to forgive yourself and forgive others.  It’s too easy to be outraged these days, so much harder to change things, so reach out to understand.

Try to make your time matter; minutes, hours, days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but the time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.

Meet new people and talk to them.  Make new things and show them to people who might enjoy them.

Hug too much.  Smile too much.  And when you can, love.”


To all of you, wishing you all of the above…Happy 2015!


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