It’s getting real!

We had a great day yesterday (how can each day not be great…lessons with Shannon, getting ready for show season!!!).

(A small warning…Positive is my middle name so adjectives like great and wonderful and amazing show up alot in this blog).

The boys had early morning lessons with Shannon yesterday.  Wednesdays are trail riding days at Arroyo so we fit our lesson rides in around the hackers!

Fred got off the trailer on Saturday with hives (she’s had bouts of them for the last 6 weeks or so at home and the stress off travel made them blossom again).  They were almost all gone yesterday so today is her lesson day with Shannon.  Yeah Fred!

So today is lessons with Shannon on Lance and Fred.  William will get a good long walk (he worked very hard yesterday and still is not fully recovered from travelling).

Ivars is out on his bike today (he’ll miss his cycling partner Peter!!!).  And Aleks and Neil arrive for a weekend visit from Phoenix.  (Happy, happy Mom and Dad!!! 🙂 )

Off to Arroyo!!



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