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A big, beautiful, wonderful day…

The weather was wonderful, our lesson with Shannon was amazing, and the guys had another super 50km ride!

Once again Shannon nailed it and added a big (read VERY BIG) missing piece to the puzzle that is Grand Prix.  Lindsey asked the question posed by Shannon and Lance tried to answer (a bit too big and with a very surprised look on his face!!).  Today he’ll settle down and put it together.  (He needs to think about it overnight before he can execute the fine bits with ease!!!)  William and Fred were still on a lunging program.  They both looked almost recovered so today we’ll ride them.

We have early lessons today on both Lance and William with Shannon…we are so excited to be here to add new knowledge to the basics!!!  My brain, Lindsey’s brain and all three horses’s brains will be working, working, working…love it!!!  Thank you Shannon Peters!!!

Peter leaves today.  Thank you Peter for all you do…  Hopefully you can get a Leucadia donut before Ivars gets you to your flight.  See you in a month!!!

Ivars is giving his legs a rest today and will be back on his bike tomorrow.

Thank you Eddie for parking my trailer "in the hole"!  I would have taken me hours (success would have be doubtful...)

Thank you Eddie for parking my trailer “in the hole”! I would have taken me hours (success would have be doubtful…)

The mobile detail guys were at the stable yesterday so the grime and road dust from the trip down is now off my truck and trailer.  We’re ready to add more…our first show is next weekend!!

Off to watch the sun rise as we drive to Arroyo for our morning lessons…:)


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