Tired ponies = very organized girls

We had a great day yesterday.  We had a typically early start to the morning (the blog went up on time!!) and then enjoyed a lovely cup of tea with our happy spouses.  (they were vibrating, waiting to get out on their cycles)

We had a late am arrival to the stable (9:30 is late for us).  They all went on the treadmill and Vibe Floor and William had a romp in the turnout stallion pen.  I lunged William and Fred.  Lindsey had a short ride on Lance.  They are happy, tired horses!  But Lindsey and I spent most of the day organizing tack trunk, tack locker and tack room in the trailer so we can access everything we’ll need to work here this spring.  Up and ready to go!!!

The rental house is working out great! The views are wonderful and the sofas are comfortable!!  (and you can hear the waves on the beach in the early mornings!!)

The guys got their ride in (50 kms) before the rain hit and we’re home and showered before we finished at Arroyo.  We all then did the obligatory Costco run for staples (and chocolate) and stopped at Pacific Grill for dinner.  Yum!  (they have valet parking…valet parking is a must have when driving a one ton diesel truck and trying to find a parking place at a busy restaurant!!!)

Ocean pm

The view from Pacific Grill…the rain leaving the coast!

Today is our first lesson on Lance with Shannon!!!!  We are soooo excited!!!  So many things to talk to her about, so many things to get clarified and cleaned up!!  Shannon Peters is expert extraordinaire in so many aspects of dressage training but put her on the Grand Prix work and watch her ramp it up!!!  Lindsey and Lance, Shannon and me!!!  We’re going to do it this morning!!

The guys have another big ride planned today and the weather forecast is wonderful…sunny and high of 22.

Off to sneak a workout in before the day starts!!



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