Yes ma’am…we’re back!

Every year is an adventure!  The first couple of years we were in California, we stayed in the RV.   (a big adventure in “room mate” living for Lindsey and I…especially when Peter and Ivars were around!!!)  We’ve sold the RV so we’ve been renting accommodation for the last three years.  And now it’s Peter and Lindsey, Ivars and Vickie and Curtis and Barb.  Another adventure in “room mate” living.  We make it work!!!

This year we have a condo in the same area as the house from last year.  Very convenient to the stable, to the horse shows and so important once again…NO FREEWAY COMMUTE each day!!!

I 5 am


This is the view east from the balcony of the condo.  A busy I 5 freeway a couple of blocks away and some of the many barns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds racetrack.

ocean am


And this is the view to the west…the ocean waves crashing!

The Santa Ana winds are upon us this week.  They are a very brisk wind from the east; very warm, very dry and very strong.  Beautiful in small doses!!

The boys have their ride all mapped out and are very eager to get out on their bikes!!  Peter had a great ride yesterday and will now have a partner for the rest of his rides this week.  (both bikes handled the trip down very well!! 🙂 )

Lance kept the vet very amused for 3 hours yesterday as she ran 20 litres of saline into him.  He was a good boy and needed the hydration.  All three were on the tread mill yesterday and slept comfortably the rest of the day.  Fred and William are very tired, Fred especially.  She gets the “most worried traveller” award this year.  It seems each year they take turns being the “worrier” and this year was her turn.

So today we’ll put a light ride on Lance and lunge William and Fred.  Tomorrow is our first ride with Shannon!  Yeah!!!

Off to start a wonderful day…


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