Horses arrived safe and sound!!!

Ok…now I’m breathing regularly…the horses arrived at Arroyo Del Mar last night safe and sound and happy.  Sounds like the drive south was uneventful (happily) and the overnight stops worked out as anticipated.  Lethbridge the first night, Salt Lake City the second and into Arroyo in the early evening last night.  Whewwww…done!


Ivars and I are now sitting in Edmonton waiting for our first flight on the trip to San Diego.  We’re off to Calgary then on to San Diego.  I’ll be hugging my horses this afternoon!

(Isn’t flying just so amazing!!!  “Mmmmm, I think I’d like to be 3000 kms south this afternoon…”  Just get on this big bus with wings and off we go!!  Amazing…)

San Diequito Vet is going to be at Arroyo this morning to hydrate Lance.  The horses don’t drink very well on the trip (Lance especially) so as his first show is next weekend, I decided we should have a vet to run some fluids into him when he arrives.  I think that will help him recover from the long travel days and he’ll be bouncing around the Grand Prix ring at his regular energy very soon!!

buckle up

Now off to board our first flight of the day…we’re off to start show season 2015!!!



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5 responses to “Horses arrived safe and sound!!!

  1. Your horses are not far from me. Where is the showing in San Diego? I know the h/j folks are all in Thermal right now.


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