Show season has started…we leave for California in 10 days…

The packing has started.  Started but no one is panicking yet….

Lindsey and I have been so busy making sure everything is done around here.  The last Pilates/Dressage Workshop (Core Mechanics for Riders) is now completed till we get back, our students all have a long list of homework to work on till we return (both Lindsey and I will fly home several times between shows this spring) and my staff is polished and pumped for taking over the reins while we’re gone (they are going to really enjoy the “not crazy” days ahead!!).

So export papers have been done, coggins tests done and they are all freshly clipped (a big thanks to Laura Harder, Red Ribbon Clipping!!)

This week we will be upping the work on all three; polishing test moves, working on consistency and fine tuning understanding.  As we get closer to putting them in the trailer we’ll back off a bit on the work.  A balancing of fit but not too fit to stay happy for three days in the trailer.

Off to start my next very crazy, busy, happy day…


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