Life in the fast lane.

Live up to the spirit


This has been a particularly challenging fall.  And we’re now on the upside and looking forward to an amazing winter and spring!

Our countdown to California has started…42 (plus or minus 1 or 2) days to departure.

Arroyo Del Mar

Arroyo Del Mar

Our Pilates/Dressage Workshop is full January 3/4 and we are setting another date in January for the next workshop.  Probably January 17/18 weekend.  Let me know if you’d like a spot!

Horse Pilates 1

The daily work here at home has been wonderful and the horses are all going great…I mean Tony the Tiger grrrrrrreat!!  We are ready for competition and are going to take it on!!!  We are ready to add Shannon’s expertise to the work and it’s going to shine!!  And the horses that will be staying home…they have a great base of work and are ready for the spring.

I will be home this spring for longer periods…two weeks in Feb/March and two weeks in April.  Lindsey will be home frequently for weekends.  And we both are tossing around the idea coming home together for Pilates/Dressage Workshop weekends.

So our plans for California are put together, our homework has been diligently attended to and we are daily happily ticking along…so much to be thankful for, so much gratitude.

Off to another jam packed amazing day!!


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