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I think we need a re-do…

So much for the fancy smancy relax weekend at the Jasper Park Lodge!!!

This was a great weekend; good food, wonderful vistas and time to relax buuuuuttt….no hot water!!!

I know, I know so many wonderful things but the main judge of a good hotel room, for me, is a good shower!!!  Some hotel rooms have a good showers, some hotel rooms have great showers but it’s really not a hotel room without a shower (never mind a good soak in a deep tub!). A hotel room without hot water is just a place to sleep (coulda stayed in the car!!).  (we did get a shower this morning but had to trek around the lake to an empty room…ahhh a hot shower…magnificent!!!)

Jasper 6


The deer were cute…

Off to check out and have a chat with the hotel manager…

(I think we need a re-do of the “celebrate the anniversary” weekend…somewhere with a good shower)


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