So…as we head into day two with Shannon…

We had an amazing day of training yesterday.  Big changes, big ideas, lots of homework!

As I started out on our very early start for today’s second day of training, I woke up to an excerpt Shannon send me last night from an article from Dressage Daily by Dr. Josef Knipp (retired FEI judge).

“Mind these three Ts and hear their chime: “Things take time!”

A great rider is always firm but, at the same time, humble in his heart. He is always conscious that he is dealing with living creatures and that he has a wonderful opportunity to educate not only the horse but also himself. Riders have a great responsibility and duty to train and school after the classical principles, thus working for the benefit and sake of our equitation, demonstrating not only a fine feeling for riding but also its artistic beauty.”            Dr. Josef Knipp

So…heading into day two with Shannon…a wonderful opportunity for more education today!!!

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