Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

It’s been a damn busy month.  And it’s going to be a damn busy month ahead.  So I turned my horses out this morning, checked my gopher traps (don’t ask…it’s an on going battle around here…) and decided as today was to be a “no ride” day; today would be my day off.

Relaxing 4

Have you ever had that feeling of “How am I going to fit all this into this time frame?”.  Well I’ve been flat out workin’ it since we’ve come home from California in May.  Now please don’t get the feeling I’m complaining ’cause I’m not!!!  I get to work daily with the most amazing horses, the most amazing students (Lindsey makes any dressage coach’s life a amazing!!) and the most amazing grandchildren in the world!!!!  But a day off is not planned into the schedule (I know it should be but I don’t have time!!)

Well today was the day.  Time to myself (introverts of the world unite, separately, in your own homes…), a gorgeous summer day (warm breezes, gentle sunshine) and a long awaited book; book 3 from Deborah Harkness (on my IPhone, I listen…)  And tea; lotsa, lotsa, big mugs of tea.

Relaxing 3


And now I get to watch the re broadcast of the Tour from France…the only thing missing is Ivars and he’s home tomorrow!  (with Arctic Char, fingers crossed!!)

I need a large glass of chilled white wine to end the day!!

What a lovely day…

Relaxing 1



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