3 Things Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop is Not!!!

Another Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop weekend starts this morning.  As I sit and listen to the rain before heading to the stable, here are my thoughts to start the day!

3 things Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop is not…

  1. This weekend workshop is not a Pilates workout…although…we will be on the floor on mats, we will be using big and small exercise balls and there will be sweat involved.  And everyone will go home with cheat sheets full of Pilates exercises that will improve their riding!
  2. There will not be a dressage riding lesson each day…although…you will be in the arena on your horse, you will think about riding your horse each stride and again…there will be sweat involved.  And everyone will go home with in depth “in the saddle” concepts that will improve your riding.
  3. This is not a typical riding clinic weekend…although….there are yummy snacks involved, great coffee and tea available all day and lots and lots of learning each day.  And everyone will go home with lots and lots of insights into how their body works sitting in their saddle.
"Hinge or roll????...a big question!!!!"

“Hinge or roll????…a big question!!!!”

So, with a very big smile…I head off to start the day and another great Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop!!!


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