Dressage/Pilates Concepts Workshop!!!

Upcoming Dressage/Pilates Concepts Workshop and we’re excited!!!

Pilates quote


And the way you ride…thank you Mr. Pilates.

We are working into year two with our workshops and are so very pleasantly pleased with the results of each workshop.

The riders leave each clinic with a basic working understanding of how their core and pelvis works on the mat.  And because they have taken that understanding to the saddle during the workshop, they then have a concept of how the mat work develops a better awareness in the saddle…an awareness to emphasises balance and effectiveness.

We have now broken the workshops into 2 streams,

  • Dressage/Pilates Concepts
  • Dressage/Pilates Applications

Concepts –  This 2 day clinic, with your horse, is a great introduction to how Pilates will improve your riding and how to use the principals of Pilates…from the mat to the saddle.

Applications – This two day clinic, with your horse, will be a great way for previous Dressage/Pilates Workshop participants to delve deeper into techniques learned in past workshops. A great way to add depth to your riding and explore applications of Pilates principals to specific dressage movements.

If you would like more info on either of these workshops, contact Vickie; flngclrs@incentre.net or Lindsey; lindseystroh@hotmail.com


A great weekend ahead!!!

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