Pilates/Dressage Workshop!! Awesome!!

Yesterday was the Pilates/Dressage Refresher Workshop.  What a day!!

Pilates work on the mat can de-construct and explain many of the complex concepts and skills a rider’s body needs to develop to be more effective half halt  to half halt.

There it is…in all my years of writing this blog, I’ve never used the words “half halt” and now I’ve used them twice in the same sentence. Half halt is such an difficult concept to write about..it requires a kinesthetic explanation!  And we are continuously amazed after each workshop how Pilates on the mat can introduce (and with some novel props (reins and a big white ball)), explain such difficult body concepts that then can be applied to effectively half halt moving horse.

What a weekend at Flying Colours!!  Great people, great horses and really great work!!

And we do it all again soon!!

Pilates/Dressage Workshop     June 14/15

Pilates/Dressage Workshop    July 19/20

Contact me or Lindsey to register!

Vickie 780.361.7062 or flngclrs@incentre.net

Lindsey 780.608.6653 or lindseystroh@hotmail.com

Off to a great day!!


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