Mom’s 80th Birthday…

Thank you to Maureen and Peter for hosting Mom’s 80th birthday yesterday.  It was awesome!!

We decided to re-create a family photo done for Mom and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary.  As it’s so hard to get us all together at one time…a innovative solution to the photo problem…we added balloons for the 2 missing siblings! Love you Mary Ann (hope your back recovers quickly) (she’s the green one).  And because Brad was with us (as he always is) so we gave him a marker for the photo!

25th Anniversity

1978, 25th wedding anniversary


Family 2014

36 years later….

Mom 80, Dad 85, married 61 years this year….



Thank you to Kuba for the wonderful photos!!  A day to remember!!!

Family 2 2014

Mom and Dad, kids and their spouses, grandkids and great-grand kids!!!  Missing Mary and Gord and Dan; Brad and Sue; Liz and Art and Luke and Luke and my kids and grandkids…Kirsten and Andrew, Aleksandra and Neil, Greg and Phadrea and Mack, Cali and Meggie.

What a day!!

Off to find a Pilates class with Mary and then dinner at Mom and Dad’s tonight…




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