Birthday weekend!!!

This is a Big Birthday month…Mack is 5, I am 60 and Ivars is 65…whew!!!!  Lotsa celebrating!!

We had a Big Birthday dinner on Saturday and it was so wonderful!!  Good friends, good food, good fun!!!

This is what Mack wanted to do at the Big Birthday…     May 10 1

May 10 3

“I want to mow the whole yard Amma”

May 10 4

“Have at’er kid!!!”…

I was a full afternoon.  At the end of evening the kids were tired and the adults were full and happy.

Our 2 yr old Princess in her football jammas…..May 10 5a

May 10 7a  Baby Meggie…It’s never too early to try out your crown!!!!!

May 10 9

And Mack finished the day with a couple of final passes of the mower!  (Helmet on ’cause he went for a big bike ride before picking up the mower handles again.)

Mack is a very active 5 yr old…

So today is a full day; Pilates, riding and saddle fitting!

Off to my stable and a wonderful day!!


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