Jedi training, purple princesses and lotsa, lotsa Mickey today!

The trailer is packed.  This was a tricky operation.  Pack up the house, pack up the horses but leave room for the  bike!!!!  It’ll be the last thing to load on the trailer before the horses get on.

Peter arrives tomorrow night and will get one day on the bike before he and Lindsey start the long drive home with the horses.  Wonderfully the weather will cooperate and he’ll have sun and warmth to cycle the hills of Del Mar.  Peter and Ivars have been in close communication re the amazing cycling paths here.  Ivars has put over 600 kms on his bike this spring and Peter will add even more on Thursday.  Happy cycling Peter!!

Today we are headed to Disneyland!!!  Mack and Cali are very excited to visit the most wonderful place in California!!!  (I think Kirsten and Andrew are very excited as well.)

Lindsey has opted out of exploring Mickeyland and will spend the day at the barn riding with Shannon…Lance or Mickey????, Fred or the Princesses???? William or Adventure land???…right!  A no brainer.  Have a great day riding Linds!!!  🙂

So Amma and Papa are off to have lunch with the princesses and watch Jedi training for 4 yr olds.   We are going to have the most wonderful day!!


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