#@^&!! It happened again!!!

2 weeks ago at the San Juan show, Lance rubbed the inside of his cheek (right side) on his noseband.  We have that issue now sorted out and are now virtually riding with a very decorative, ineffectual noseband and it getting it done!

So 3 minutes before his ride time for the Special yesterday he cut his lip on the left side.  He has very fleshy lips so I’m not sure if he caught in on his curb chain hook or pinched in under his curb bit.

So now we have another “sensitive mucosal lining” mouth issue I’ll need to sort out with my horse.  “Hey Linds!!  Wanna ride bridle-less next show???”  Just kidding.  I don’t think we’d get that by the FEI rules committee.

To say we’re disappointed is a big understatement.  Adversity does not build character it shows it.  This is another wrinkle in forward progress.


On a bright note, Shannon said we totally won the warmup!!!  Lindsey and Lance…you rock!!!

Off to work on tweeking a special double bridle…


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