Learning, learning, learning….

It was a wonderful, wonderful day yesterday.

When our friend Gary said learning to ride Grand Prix was like learning to ride all over again; he was perfectly, succinctly and very insightfully correct.  Riding Grand Prix is a whole new level of riding girls!!!

And we have been working very, very hard this winter to solve this riddle.  Yesterday’s Grand Prix test was totally on the right track.

I couldn’t be more prouder or more thankful after Lindsey and Lance’s test yesterday.  Putting together the Grand Prix with organization, subtly, and understanding is the start of the next part of this journey and we are so excited to be headed there!!

Determined to Learn



The scores were not quite what we expected, but that’ll work itself out with time.

Today is a day off for Lance and school for William and Fred.  With wind and wave advisories out for San Diego, it is going to be a very interesting weather day.  The Grand Prix Freestyles are tonight (Lance is NOT doing his freestyle at this show).  They are in the indoor arena so won’t be too affected by the weather.

I’ve heard from folks at home that the live streaming was not working yesterday…darn.  Hopefully they will have it working tonight and you can catch Legolas and Magic’s tests tonight…Go Team Peters!!!

Off to the bustery day at the show…



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