Training in the sun…

Yesterday’s training at the show grounds went very well.  Shannon helped us with both William and Lance.  William worked outside and Lance in the indoor (Del Mar) arena.

Everyday I video all three of our rides at Arroyo or at the shows and we review them at home each night.   The videos take up at lot of time and disc space so it has worked out that I’v not taken many photos this year!!

So this show there will be more photos!!!  I promise!!

William, yesterday

William, yesterday



Good boy, William

Polishing and cleaning!!

Polishing and cleaning!!

I didn’t get photos of Lance in the indoor yesterday…there was a lot of traffic in there and the light was not great.   (but he did look wonderful!!!!  You’ll have to take my word for it!!!)  I’ll try again today!!!

Today is a ride on both boys at the show grounds with Shannon, work with Fred at Arroyo and the jog back at the Fairgrounds at 3pm.

The kids had a great day at the beach yesterday and we all met for dinner at the end of the day.  They finished the day off at the house in the pool before bed time…lotsa smiles, lotsa giggles and lots and lots of splashing!!!

Another very full day ahead…






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