Sooo…our last couple of weeks in California…

The end of our time here each year is so bitter sweet.

We are (expectantly) so sad to have to say our goodbyes to everyone here at our winter training home but we are so excited (jumping up and down excited) to be Alberta bound and home!

This has been an amazing year.  We are coming home with so much hard won knowledge; so many unique experiences lived and so many brilliant opportunities taken.

But as we are packing and organizing for the trip home…we have a horse show this weekend!!!

How many times have YOU kissed this spot?????

How many times have YOU kissed this spot?????

Our last horse show of the year is the Del Mar National.  We’ll take Lance and William to the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Wednesday.  The jog for the CDI is Thursday at 3:30.  The CDI Grand Prix for Lance is Friday and the CDI Grand Prix Special is Sunday.  William is entered in the PSG on Saturday.  (Fred is working on her homework at Arroyo this weekend and will not make it to this show grounds…yet!!!)  So we have a busy show week ahead of us!

Aleks and Neil were here from Phoenix for the weekend.  It was wonderful to see them!!  They had a great, relaxing weekend on the coast and are headed back today.

Andrew, Kirsten and the 3 babies fly in tomorrow and Ivars is here on Wednesday.  Peter arrives next week, just in time to get a day on the bike and then drive home with Lindsey and the horses.  Sheri and Megan are taking a spring break and flying down Thursday to watch the CDI.  We’ll have a big support team around us for this last couple of weeks!!  🙂

So I need to fit a quick work out in this morning, then off to the stable…

Happy Easter!!!  Sushi with the kids!!

Happy Easter!!! Sushi with the kids!!

A busy week ahead!!!


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