4 rides in…no issues… :)

So after the last 4 rides on Lance…everyone happy, no issues!!! (insert happy, jumping up and down coaches/rider/owner icons)

I think we might have this problem tackled!!

Today we’ll ride with Shannon again, with him in his double bridle.  I’ve dropped his very soft, brand new, super cushy noseband so there is no contact to his cheeks with his back molars.  It does look a little weird on his face.  I’m sure someone is going to comment on the poor noseband position citing basic pony club guidelines but it works for him and we’re going with it!!

Dr. Liz (acupuncturist) will be at Arroyo to treat Lance again today.  Crossing the Ts and doting the I’s…

Bev and Paul Sweet are down here visiting for the week and thoroughly enjoying the sights and venues of San Diego.  They are both going to go home with sun tans and big smiles.  So glad the weather is behaving for their visit!

Off to Arroyo and my ponies…



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