Umm Errr…Houston we still have a problem…

Problem solving.

Yesterday was a big day.

With the help my wonderful friend, Stacy Williams, we now have contacts for safe overnight stops for the three horses in St. George, Utah and Dillon, Montana on the long, upcoming trip home.  This will break up the three day trip into 3, 8 -10 hour days.

With the expert help from Jim Reed from Jim’s Mobile RV Repair, (760.978.0663) we now have both cameras and all the running lights working on the horse trailer.  Jim did an amazing job at tracking down 3 shorts in the camera wiring in the trailer.  He also calculated that the power required to run the cameras and the lights was 1.8 amps higher than the fuse (that we kept blowing on the truck) could handle.  We now have a new relay and special fuse on the trailer to run the cameras and presto…the truck is now happy, the cameras are now happy and I am very happy.  Thanks Jim!  A good guy who really knows his job!!

But the big problem that we have been working on since the last show…Lance is cutting his mouth on his teeth as he works…is still not solved.

We’ve had the equine chiropractor work on him (I thought that there might be a reason in his body that he is using his jaw to compensate, so let’s get him assessed).  Any issues the chiropractor found that day, he rated (on a scale of 1-10) as below a 1…Mr. Perfect (Lance’s nickname) was really Mr. Perfect for Dr. Moore.  Dr. Dan did some minor adjustments that day and left.

We also had a acupuncturist assess him.  Dr. Elizabeth Wilber also worked on him.  She is a vet who specializes in acupuncture.  So she could assess him with Western as well as Eastern medical eyes.  She found nothing much going on but treated him for the issues she did find that day.

We’ve re-thought out his feed program (and left it pretty much the same), added Succeed and Equi-Shure for hind gut health and put him back on daily Gastro-Guard.

Lindsey and Shannon worked him last week in the cavesson and left his double bridle hanging in the tack room (this would give the mouth a chance to totally heal).

So yesterday morning  before putting on his double bridle, I checked his mouth and it was great.  The rubs on the inside of his cheeks at the show were quite small so a week of healing had really done a wonderful job.  On with the bridle.  We took great care to put extra padding on the noseband (a new, very cushy noseband) and out to the dressage ring to work.  And the work was great.  Lindsey and Shannon’s work from last week had been wonderful and it showed.  He was more confirmed in the passage and the half passes were super.  But about 30 minutes into the work, he rubbed the inside of  his cheek again.

We took him back to the barn and I checked his mouth.  He had a small cut on the right inside of his cheek…again.  The obvious thought of checking his teeth (I know more about his molars than I do my own…) has been done and done and done.  His teeth are regularly done at home and we had them done here in January by a equine dental specialist.  But we need to revisit it.  San Diequito Equine was at Arroyo that afternoon and could check his mouth.  Andrea Shepley assessed him and there is nothing much there but because seems the mucosa in his mouth seems to be very sensitive, she suggested we re float the ridges on his upper molars.  She’ll be back on Wednesday afternoon to do the procedure.

So now here’s the plan for the next couple of days…we’ll work him in the cavesson today (the cheek will heal quickly) and  tomorrow he’ll go back in is double bridle.  His noseband will be very loose so there will be very little contact to his molars.  Andrea will be out in the afternoon and do the touch up float and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Thursday’s work.

Life is about problems and how we react to them.  Many problems solved yesterday, one big one still pending.

The journey continues…




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