6 Things You Never Knew About “Ulcery” Horses…

1.  If your horse has a history of stomach ulcers…check other mucosal  areas for lesions.

It seems that if a horse has ulcers he may have reactive or thin mucosal tissue throughout his body.

2.  Omeprazole will get rid of the “ulcery” symptoms.

Gastro Guard (omeprazole) will get rid of the symptoms.  Equine stomach ulcers do act like human stomach ulcers in that they can be caused by stomach acid splashing in places it shouldn’t splash.  That’s the reason that omeprazole (Gastro Guard) will help the symptoms disappear in an “ulcery” acting horse.  Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).  It slows or prevents the production of acid within the stomach.  Getting rid of the symptoms is good.  Finding the answer to why the mucosa is reacting and causing lesions is the next step.

3.  Check your feed program.

The gut mucosa in your horse may be reacting to your feeding regime.  We have found a huge change in our horses by changing to an organic, non-GMO feed.  We now feed Genesis Organic Horse Feed.  By simply changing to Genesis, the “ulcery” symptoms disappeared.

4.  The hind gut mucosa may be affected as well.

We are going to try recommended  products here in California that will help with hind gut health and keep you posted.

5.  If your horse has oral lesions, be a sleuth to find the cause(s).

 Does he chew one-sided?  Does he rub his face on his feeder?  Is his halter rubbing him?  Has he TMJ issues?  Neck issues?

6.  If your horse has mucosal issues, he’ll always have mucosal issues.

If you are ‘thin skinned”  you’ll always be “thin skinned”.  Now learn how to manage it!  There is lots of research time being pointed at increasing mucosal grow but no success yet.  (It seems increasing mucosal growth is increasing cancer growth as well.)

So this will be our new challenge in managing our very special Grand Prix horse, Lancelot.  Life is amazing wonderful with Lance, so much learning at so many levels and so worth it!!!  He is one very special Grand Prix horse.



Off to a slow day at Arroyo with our horses…




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3 responses to “6 Things You Never Knew About “Ulcery” Horses…

  1. LStokowski

    There is a relatively new product available in Canada (in the US for some time) called “Succeed” for hind gut issues. Heard from the vet it works. Maybe give it a try!

  2. LStokowski

    Heard from the vet this week that “Succeed” works for hind gut issues.

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