Remember this ?….



Well…yesterday we were somewhere in the middle of the second image.

The warm up for the Grand Prix on Lance was the best ever.  The. Best. Ever.  Everyone was ready.

As I reached up to do the final tidy up, wipe down before centre line, I noticed a tinge of pink from his mouth.  “Oh dear”, (not my exact words) “we need to deal with this…”.  Lindsey walked him around the holding area but it got worse.

Lance had bitten his tongue or cheek.

We found Dr. Tomlinson (FEI Vet) and we asked to withdraw from the class.  He was very helpful and agreed that withdrawing would be the best way to deal with the incident.

We then asked for the attending vet to meet us back at the stable to check his mouth and help us figure out what had happened.  After a very complete examination of his mouth, cheeks and tongue, the vet found two sores on the inside of his cheeks.  He then questioned us on Lance’s Gastro Guard use.  It seems that horses that present with gut ulcers sometimes can develop oral ulcers as well.  And I had cut back on his Gastro Guard dose 3 weeks ago because he was feeling so good.  Damn.  So he now is back on Gastro Guard till we get home and we’re hoping this will help with the healing of the oral ulcers.

Success is the ability


So we went to dinner on the way home, got stuck in major Friday evening rush hour and got home in time for a glass of wine and bed!

Today we will pack up at the show and head back to Arroyo.  (Because of the withdrawal from the Grand Prix, we are not allowed to ride for the rest of the show.)

Off to hitch the trailer in San Juan…a day of travel ahead…



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2 responses to “Remember this ?….

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Lance. Hope the Gastro-guard kicks in soon.

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