Jog done. Grand Prix today!!

Yesterday was the jog for the CDI and it was the quickest, smoothest jog we’ve ever jogged!!  Braid, dress, then head to the jog area…wait there for one horse and then jog!  Done!  (What a lot of work for 5 secs in front of the judge/vet panel!!)  But done and accepted!!

Our first stop on our travels up the I5 to San Juan...Pannikin!!

Yesterday morning, our first stop on our travels north on the I5 to San Juan…Pannikin!!

Pannikin is on our way north so a clear first stop in our morning’s travels.  Pan-fried green tea, gluten free muffins and a box of healthy, tasty muffins for the hard working Team Peters grooms at the show.

This is for you Ivars...a white GT on our way north...miss you...

This is for you Ivars…a white GT on our way north…miss you…

Betty (Boo) waiting patiently for her chauffeur (Steffen) to take her to the jog area.

Betty (Boo) waiting patiently for her chauffeur (Steffen) to take her to the jog area. Grooms Eddie, Carlyle, and Juan ready for the jog with their perfectly turned out CDI horses.

Jog area from yesterday.

Jog area from yesterday.

And Lance is ACCEPTED!

And Lance is ACCEPTED!

All the dressage horses sure looked over dressed walking to the jog through the crowds of jumpers at this show.  There are over 700 jumpers showing here as well as the CDI and national dressage show.  Kinda like a very, very mini Spruce Meadows.

This is the very best show we have ever attended.  The best footing, wonderful stabling, great judges, wonderful, friendly show organizers…did I mention amazing footing!!!!  The venue staff is so friendly and helpful (even helped me park the big trailer in a very tight parking lot!).  A wonderful place to compete.

A reminder to everyone who would like to be a spectator of the CDI…it will be on live broadcast at   Look for the CPD Live tab at the top of the page and you’re there!!

Today, the PSG starts at 9:15 and runs to 2:20.  The Grand Prix starts at 2:45 and ends at 5:00.  These are all California times so Alberta is one hour ahead and Ontario is 3 hours ahead.

Lance and Lindsey’s time for today is 2:45.  We don’t know the time for the Grand Prix Special tomorrow till after the draw tonight.  (the Special tomorrow runs from 11:20 to 12:20 tomorrow)

We have William along with us as well at this show.  He is entered in the national PSG class tomorrow at 8:43.  A road trip for Baby William!

So…off to the show grounds…gonna be a wonderful day!!!




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