Okaaay…we’ve been busy!!!!

A busy week…getting ready for the show, visiting with friends and organizing things for our return home in May (wow…time flies!!!  May approaches!!)

Wednesday was a Pilates class; led by Lindsey, enjoyed by all.  Gary (from Mr Wong’s Intenational Chinese Cooking School!) then cooked us all an amazing Chinese meal!!  Vegetarian, chicken, pork and noodles, noodles, noodles!!!! (Gary Lung (Mr Wong) is really a top dressage trainer/rider from Australian that can cook amazing Chinese food!!)  Thank you Gary!!!  Aussies and Canuks…you can’t go wrong with that mix…”bloody hell you can’t!!” (that’s for you Brian!!)

Mar 19 1

After Pilates

International Pilates Class

Amazing food...Thanks so much Gary!!!

Amazing food…Thanks so much Gary!!!

It was a wonderful evening.  So many different cultures linked by a passion for dressage…lots of interesting discussion and insights.

Yesterday we hauled Lance north to the show grounds at San Juan Capistrano.  The facility is wonderful and this week, empty.  The jumpers arrive next week so we’ll enjoy the place to ourselves this week and get ready for the mayhem of a full facility that will happen for next week’s show.

Dr. Mike (FEI vet) is ahead of the curve (as always!!!  He’s the best!!!) and the in barn inspection was done yesterday as we arrived.  Today is the jog and a warm up ride in the competition arena.

Off to squeeze in a short work out and about an hour drive to the show grounds…




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