Off to a week at home!!

The show weekend was wonderful…lotsa competing , lotsa learning and now lotsa homework!!!!  And I’m going to leave this week’s homework to Lindsey and Shannon and make a quick trip home.

Ivars has been here with us for this first week of March…riding his bike most every day (exception was his “grooming for the horse show” day on Saturday!!).  He’s put a big 175 kms on his bike this week; in the sun, next to the ocean and on the hills.  He’s going home a very happy guy today!!!

Yesterday was another beautiful, sunny, warm day.  We worked Fred and William before it got too warm and hand walked a very tired Lance around the farm.  Today, Lance will get another day off and Lindsey will work Fred and William.  Lance goes back to work on Tuesday.

William, yesterday.

William, yesterday.

I am so looking forward to my week at home…catching up on the details from my desk, teach a few lessons and play with the grand babies!!

And boy I’m going to miss this week’s work here at Arroyo with the horses, Linds and Shannon!!!

What an amazingly wonderful dilemma!!

Now…off to a day of busy airports…


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