Batten down the hatches!!!

It’s been really dry in California this year…like really, really dry…extremely dusty and brown vegetation everywhere.

So when the weather people forecast a rain event, everyone mans the battle stations and battens down the hatches.  The rain expectation is 2 inches or so (more rain than they’ve had all year) in one day.  So all the low lying areas are expecting flooding and the ground will be saturated everywhere.  Here at the house we’ve brought indoors anything that might get airborne in the high winds and are waiting to see what this storm is going to bring.

The dressage court at Arroyo is covered with a tarp and the big jumper ring has been rolled to help seal the footing.

As I sit here writing, I watched it start to get light out as the sun began rising.  Now as the front is advancing  inland, it’s been getting darker and darker.  The winds are picking up so the 6:15 sunrise should be a dramatic view from the deck.

Lindsey has avoided the rain issues here but is dealing with cold snap at home for her weekend of lessons.  A big thank you for a warm barn and arena!  Sending warm wishes home…

Lindsey and Lance, Wednesday morning before her long flight home.

Lindsey and Lance, Wednesday morning before her long flight home.

So off to Arroyo…Shannon will ride Lance again today and long line Fred in the covered arena.  Hope we don’t get swept off to the ocean in the rain run off!


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