Gold Canada Gold!!!!!

Cheering, waving my mitts in the air!!!!  What a great games in Sochi for Canada!!

Canada mitts

We both want thank you again for all your kind words and support for us this weekend.  It really meant a lot.  It’s so great to know we have such an amazing cheering squad.  Sometimes the journey is very long and every bit of support is cherished.  Thank you.

Yesterday’s warm up was even better than Friday’s.  Linds tackled the issue head on and Lance was on the program.  Once he cantered down centre line, he got confused as to what his job really was and went off task, in his ever helpful way.  There is no room in the lightning fast Grand Prix level to have a misread in the half halts between horse and rider…it unravels very quickly and is impossible for a good recovery.

So we know the work needed for the next couple of weeks and we’re on it.  The negative emotions and thoughts have been worked through (a good bottle of Californian Chardonnay was part of the conversation) and we are ready for the work ahead.

If you had a some time, David Wilson,  from Californian Dreaming Productions, would love to hear from you about his phenomenal efforts he and his crew put together for this show. They brought live streaming to you from the show ring.  His email is

Now…off to fill out our entries to the next couple of shows…



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