On to the Grand Prix Special this morning…

Firstly…thank you so much for all your support; your emails, texts and facebook messages.  They mean a lot to us.  My access to the internet is limited during the day so I do apologize for not updating you more quickly on our results.

Next…let me take back my comment about the indoor ring being horse friendly.  It looks wonderful and the footing is simply amazing.  During the warm up on Thursday the horses looked focused and happy in work.  But yesterday was a different story.  The horses went from a busy outside warm up ring to solo in a highly energized indoor ring.  We don’t know if it was the sound (the Geo-Tech footing is rolled very hard and each footfall echoes through the building) or the change in environment.  The low marks in all the CDI classes reflect the problems we were all having yesterday.  Tension, spookiness, unfocused horses.

Except for Steffen and Legolas…they were wonderful, 76%.  A beautiful, masterfully ridden test.

Lance and Linds had a great warm up outside yesterday; through, relaxed and ready.  As he came down centre line he got over excited and he then started making decisions about how he would execute the movements that didn’t really include Lindsey.  When Lance gets excited, he tries to be too helpful.  Linds got everything out of him she could but he was Mr. Excited Happy and he should have been Mr. Focused Happy.

So today will be a fine tune on the half halt, build from yesterday’s warm up and concentrate on keeping a better focus in the work.

Our ride time is 10:08 am PST and we will be ready.

Thank you for California Dreaming Productions for such a wonderful show and providing live streaming all day.  Here’s the link to the live streaming…


Off to check out of the hotel and head to the show grounds….



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