Jog done…on to the Grand Prix…

This CDI 3*W in Burbank is indoors.  We got to school in the indoor yesterday morning.  It has great, new footing; is very open and very horse friendly.  Schooling went very well.  Lance was focused and on the program.  As per our plan, we didn’t do very much; just touched on the main points of the current work and stretched him out.  A good first day warmup.

The jog was in the late afternoon and the weather was lovely.  Lindsey jogged in her official “Canadian” uniform and everyone looked great!

Ready for the jog...looking very Canadian...khakis, navy jacket, new red scarf!

Ready for the jog…looking very Canadian…khakis, navy jacket, new red scarf!

Lance is ready!

Lance is ready!

"Oh wait, I think I hear something!"

“Oh wait, I think I hear something!”



And they're off!

And they’re off!



Lindsey is the foreign rider delegate for this CDI so she drew the order of go for the classes.  We’re 6th up in the Grand Prix, 2:08 pm.  (If you are wondering, the seeded riders go towards the end of the class.)  6 is a good number!

Off to the show grounds for the day…


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  1. Good luck! Lance looks ready.

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