All is well at home…now back in California!

Well that was a tough week at home but everything is now going well and back in a normal groove.  Life is good.

On to our first CDI this weekend.  We leave for Burbank on Wednesday, headed to the jog for the CDI on Thursday.  The Grand Prix is Friday, the Grand Prix Special is Saturday.

Lindsey’s injury is healing well.  We’re making smart decisions about the level of work and strain to put on her leg each day.  It’ll take a bit longer for the healing to really mature into a totally stable hip so we’ll keep a close watch and not take any unnecessary risks.

The horses look great.  It’s been a tough week, management wise but they all look wonderful.  Lindsey ran through the Special on Lance on Friday with Shannon and left it on the video card for me to review last last night.  Great work.  Simply great work.  The learning curve right now for both Lance and Lindsey is massive and they are both amazing.  This sport is not for sissies.

I know it’s warm here, I know the ocean beach is near and I know the sunsets are beautiful but I soooo miss our 24/7 CBC Olympic 2014 TV coverage 😦 …   I’m now relying on Twitter feeds and Globe and Mail online for the latest on Olympic sport!  Ugh.  CBC you’re the best, I really miss you.

Taking my Canada mitts with me today …Go Canada!!!



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