On to plan B…

So the team physician (Ivars) arrived yesterday and Lindsey is officially on the injured list.   😦    Double 😦

Hiccup 1

It was one of those weird, slow motion equine accidents.  We all have done them with little to no consequences but Linds came out of it with a strain in the right adductor.  Ivars has checked her out and set up the treatment plan to put her safely back in the saddle in time for the upcoming CDIs.

The show this weekend at Del Mar has been stroked off our list.  Instead Lindsey will spend the weekend in “adductor” recovery mode and be getting ready to ride next week.

And the silver lining to this set back…Shannon rode Lance yesterday.  This is not something that would have been in on any of our training plans this spring but ended up being a very good thing for Lance, for Lindsey and for me.  Shannon worked Lance from the saddle yesterday with the her amazing accuracy and tact; quietly, softly, clearly.  There are no big holes in the work but with her very clear aids and quick timing she cleared up some concepts for him that he definitely needed a better understanding.

Thank you Shannon for putting Lance on your very full dance card yesterday.  We so appreciate your hard work and your commitment to us as a coach.  The learning was wonderful for all of us.

Off to watch the sun come up with my husband!!!


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