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Bigger, higher, quicker…

Bigger, higher, quicker is the theme of the week.

Lindsey can almost cancel her daily workout sessions at home…she’s getting quite the workout from the saddle these days!!!  (I think Shannon and I are almost working as hard  as Linds from the ground….our glutes were working along with her, stride for stride and letting us know it!!…it takes a team!!! 🙂 )

Jan 20-1

Shannon, Lindsey and Lance working out the details…


The weather yesterday was hazy but warm, a perfect riding day!  Today and the rest of the week is going to be a bit cooler so we’ll bundle up for the mornings work and stay warm.

The waves on the ocean are to be quite high; 16′ swells by Friday.  The bigger surf brings out the expert surfers so later we’ll find a spot to catch the local action in the ocean!

As we have early lessons today, workout later!

Off to the stable,



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Back at home at Arroyo!

Yesterday was my first day back at our second home Arroyo Del Mar…and what a day!

Shannon and Lindsey have been working very hard for the week I was away…so hard I could hardly recognize my horses!!  Good job girls!!!  Upped the intensity, upped the energy, upped the accuracy!!  The next couple of weeks work is going to be amazing!!

Shannon and Squishy, Lindsey and Lance.

Shannon and Squishy, Lindsey and Lance.

Our first show is Feb 6, 7, 8, 9 here in Del Mar at Show Park.  It’s a great venue with super footing and bonus…it’s close to home.

The news of “dry and hot” in California is no exaggeration.  It’s almost as dry as home!!  (not quite as dry as home though…all the “winter” cracks on my fingers are quickly healing over as we speak!!)  But it does feel like the desert; hot, dry and dusty!  (So Canadian eh??!!…talkin’ about the weather!!!)

Gonna fit in a workout this morning then off to Arroyo!!


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Holy Windy Day Batman!!

Yesterday broke weather records all over the province.  Sustainable winds at about 70k/hr and gusts up to 120k/hr.  Temperatures in Edmonton around 11C all day.  Everything was melting but icy patches everywhere.

I’ve been into Edmonton most days this week…joyously spending the days with our 3 grand babies and daughter Kirsten.  Kirsten is doing great.  Baby Meaghan is a textbook newborn; eating and sleeping when predicted.  Tuesday, Kirsten packed all three of them into her van and brought them down to the farm for the day.  She then got caught up on her book work  here (GST is due) and went into the office for couple of hours mid afternoon.  Today she’ll take all three to Mack’s Sport Ball session .  She is now the mom of 3 and is wonderful at the job.  So proud of you my eldest child, you and Andrew are growing great children…it makes my heart sing.

One of the tasks that got ticked off my list this week was filling my feed room with Genesis Organic Horse Feed.  It is shipped into Edmonton and I pick it up one skid at time and get it to Flying Colours.  Our feed room was quite empty when I got home so I filled it!

First load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed this week.

First load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed this week.

The only advantage driving 2000 lbs of feed on the back of the truck from Edmonton to the farm was that I stayed on the road in the record weather that occurred yesterday.  The weather reporter on MSMBC has just put a name to what I drove in yesterday…a “ground blizzard!”.  That’s exactly what it was!!  There was so much blown snow across parts of the highway on the way home, it was hard to know where the road was in relationship to the fields.  There was not much traffic on the highways but many, many driverless trucks in the ditches.

So now the feed room is full of this amazing feed!!!  Call me if you need feed and we can arrange transport or pick up!!


Off to the barn and then to back home finish off the piles on my desk…



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Oh the joys of being home!!!

It’s quite a juggling act to keep the business at home running smoothly and without too many wrinkles while being on a quest in California for 4 months.

The lead up work to setting out on this quest is a bit daunting each and every time.  To say that a lot of things need to be organized ahead of time is a big understatement.  Most things are done ahead of schedule, some things are delegated, some things are put off and some things are out rightly declined.

The best way for us to keep all the balls in the air this spring, is for me to be home for several days each month.

January is working out to be the best time!  Our sweet new addition, grand daughter Meghan Blakely, arrived early, January 06.  My time at home was planned around her due date of January 15.  So with Meghan having arrived early, I am having a blissful 10 days at home!  Days and days of cuddling Meghan and playing with Cali and Mack.  And I know when I get on the plane to fly back to California next week, I’ll feel it was much too short and miss everyone terribly!

Having extra time home this month has made the many tasks that have been waiting for my arrival to be completed, very doable!  Tasks finished, timelines met and most importantly…many little smiles from little faces in the time spent with the grand-babies!

The weather has been wonderful…warm, sunny and Alberta spectacular!

The view from my barn door yesterday morning...

The view from my barn door yesterday morning…

I am missing my horses and am very much missing the amazing learning that happens each day at Arroyo with Shannon but I am very much enjoying my time at home!!!

Off to start the day…



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Peter says I’m mean…

We had a very good day with all three horses yesterday.

William is a bit of a ball of fire these days…a very nice fireball though; go-ey, thinking forward and digging in.  A new rhythm and new timing in the half halts for Lindsey.  Man, that stallion can canter!  And to think we’re just starting to open it up!  Then next month of work is going to be amazing.

Lance’s lesson with Shannon was right after lunch.  We rode it the very large jumper ring at Arroyo Del Mar.  It takes a lot out of Lance to really focus in this lovely, open ring so it was a great training opportunity.  And he was stellar.  He stayed consistent in the new stifle to low ab connection!  And since this new connection now stayed relatively reliable, Lindsey could then add both legs “on” to produce amazing up and lift in his shoulders in the piaffe.  Breathtaking.

The next ride with Shannon was Fred.  Could she maintain the same stifle/low ab connection in her work?  Lindsey asked the question and Fred answered “Yes!”.  She is working a level lower than Lance is and now needs to build muscle and coordination to be able to develop the more difficult skills that will be asked of her ahead.  Fred is with the program!  Yeah Fred!!

…this is what Ivars does with his day while we are at work…and posting these photos is why Peter thinks I’m mean…

Ivars' view from his bike...

Ivars’ view from his bike…

Torrey Pines from his bike...

Torrey Pines from his bike…

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines



A perfect sunset to end a perfect day...

A perfect sunset to end a perfect day…

So after our flight from San Diego was canceled because of fog, we took a 2 hour shuttle ride to LAX to catch our flight to Edmonton.  It’s foggy here too but I think they are much more used…no flights have been cancelled and everything is very full and busy with flights in and out.  Maybe it’s not fog but just smog???  Anyway doesn’t matter…we on our way home to meet our new granddaughter and hug the other two babies!!

Boarding soon,


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Our new baby has arrived!!

Welcome to Meghan Blakely our newest grandaughter!

Meghan has been keeping us on our toes since several days before Christmas.  She decided that yesterday would finally be the day she arrived and we are soooo happy!!!! She is healthy, mom is well and dad is beaming.

She so looks like big brother Mack but a bit like little sister Cali as well.  Wait for the crazy blonde curls to grow baby girl!!!

Amma and Papa are home  in Edmonton tomorrow and can hardly wait to meet her and give her a little snuggle!

Meghan Blakely

Meghan Blakely


(Oh right…the horses all were all super yesterday!!!!! 🙂 )

Off to Arroyo…

V (Whoo hoo….Amma of 3!!!!!!)

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Sundays mean Pannikin!!

When the weather is nice around here the bike lane on Hwy 101 Coast Highway are filled with cyclists.  Good cyclists, some real great cyclists and some “just checkin’ out the ocean waves” cyclists…what a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.  And one of the very popular spots for cyclists to stop for a coffee along the way is Pannikin Coffee and Tea.  Really great coffee and teas and amazing “baked on site” goodness.  Everything from home baked granola bars to yummy gluten-free chocolate chip muffins!

And Sundays they make Orange Buns!!!!  Orange Buns…like cinnamon buns but much yummier!  Sticky, citrus-y, down right San Diego goodness!!!

So Linds and I first hit a Pilates class at Club Pilates then picked up Ivars and headed to Pannikin for Orange Buns to get the day really started!!!

Pannikin, headed south...

Pannikin, headed south…

We then headed to Arroyo, got the horses done and re-configured the trailer to standing stalls.  Ivars got on his bike (and biked up the hill from Arroyo…yikes, 1 km straight up!!) and went for a 47 km ride around Rancho Santa Fe then back to the house in Solana Beach.  He had a very good day and Linds and I had a very good day as well!  We went to TJMaxx and poked around.  Linds found her favorite jeans, in her size, at a small fraction of the price they would be at home!!

Pilates, orange buns, a great bike ride, super horses and favorite jeans…now that was a wonderful Sunday!!!

And now it looks like Monday will be a super wonderful day, Monday might be baby day!!!  News from Edmonton is that Kirsten and Andrew have headed to the hospital and we should have our new baby soon!!!  Amma and Papa will be home Wednesday night and new baby will be too!!!

Off to workout, then to Arroyo,



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