From 65% to 75%…

We are going for it!!!

Yesterday was another schooling day of the Grand Prix test for Lindsey and Lance.

We’ve upped the depth of learning, we’ve upped the intensity of the work and we’ve upped the speed of execution of everything and it’s haaaaard.  This is not for sissies.  This is hard and satisfying and wonderful and and beautiful!!

We have 3 weeks before the CDI and we are going for it!!


Lindsey will be home this weekend and will get a well deserved “day off” of travelling today.  The horses will get the weekend off and be ready to get back to work on Monday afternoon when Linds gets back to San Diego.

Have fun Linds and enjoy your “day off” day today!!  Your weekend is jammed packed with lessons and your students are eager to have you back !!!

Off to get Lindsey to the Westjet check in gate…



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5 responses to “From 65% to 75%…

  1. Merle DAMBERGER

    Hi Vickie sounds like training is going great. Can’t wait to see you feb 10 to 15 for more lessons. And of course to hear how the show results were from next weekend Ps I’m not keeping up to mom very well. See ya soon Merle

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