Monday…and back at it!!! :)

All three horses got 48 hours off this weekend.  They still did the treadmill/vibeplate thing each day (and in Lance and Fred cases, a lovely hand walk around the farm as well).  The time off was needed for maximum muscle recovery and for all three, well deserved.

So back at it Monday morning.  And all three were ready!  Fred and William worked in the sunshine of the morning and Lance went after lunch.

Lance, Linds and Shann yesterday.

Lance, Linds and Shann yesterday.

We were finished early at Arroyo Del Mar so treated ourselves to a late lunch/early dinner (our favourite meal time!!) at Native Foods Cafe.  This place is a favourite go to for a wonderful meal!!!  Vegetarian (and lotsa vegan options), so fresh, so tasty and so interesting!  Even my meat-eating husband would opt to eat here regularly with no complaints on his visits to San Diego.

Today Shannon is going to long line William (and then Lindsey will ride him) and then a lesson with Lance.  Fred will work with Lindsey and I today and lesson with Shannon tomorrow.

Off to another amazing day…




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