First Grand Prix test done!!

Friday was test day for Lance and he was stellar!  We schooled the test at Arroyo in the dressage court with Lance in his new fully engaged balance.  I didn’t think he would be able to put the test together so well.  His new balance is a very athletic, intense, quick, light way of going.  And it’s very new to both him and Lindsey!  So to put all this together in a Grand Prix test was an awesome feat for both of them!

I am so proud of them!!!

Thank you Shannon Peters for taking us to this next level!

Everyone is getting 2 days off this weekend.  Well deserved, they all have been working soooo hard.  Now that I think I’ve figured out this youtube upload thingy, I’ll add more videos of Fred and William.  They are amazing as well!!!

Today is Sunday and as the horses have the day off (still on the treadmill and Vibe Floor though!!!) Lindsey and will indulge, with no regrets, in Orange Buns from Pannikin!!!  Ahhhhhh…..

Off to Pannikin, then to Arroyo,


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