Bigger, higher, quicker…

Bigger, higher, quicker is the theme of the week.

Lindsey can almost cancel her daily workout sessions at home…she’s getting quite the workout from the saddle these days!!!  (I think Shannon and I are almost working as hard  as Linds from the ground….our glutes were working along with her, stride for stride and letting us know it!!…it takes a team!!! 🙂 )

Jan 20-1

Shannon, Lindsey and Lance working out the details…


The weather yesterday was hazy but warm, a perfect riding day!  Today and the rest of the week is going to be a bit cooler so we’ll bundle up for the mornings work and stay warm.

The waves on the ocean are to be quite high; 16′ swells by Friday.  The bigger surf brings out the expert surfers so later we’ll find a spot to catch the local action in the ocean!

As we have early lessons today, workout later!

Off to the stable,



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