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Back at home at Arroyo!

Yesterday was my first day back at our second home Arroyo Del Mar…and what a day!

Shannon and Lindsey have been working very hard for the week I was away…so hard I could hardly recognize my horses!!  Good job girls!!!  Upped the intensity, upped the energy, upped the accuracy!!  The next couple of weeks work is going to be amazing!!

Shannon and Squishy, Lindsey and Lance.

Shannon and Squishy, Lindsey and Lance.

Our first show is Feb 6, 7, 8, 9 here in Del Mar at Show Park.  It’s a great venue with super footing and bonus…it’s close to home.

The news of “dry and hot” in California is no exaggeration.  It’s almost as dry as home!!  (not quite as dry as home though…all the “winter” cracks on my fingers are quickly healing over as we speak!!)  But it does feel like the desert; hot, dry and dusty!  (So Canadian eh??!!…talkin’ about the weather!!!)

Gonna fit in a workout this morning then off to Arroyo!!


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