Holy Windy Day Batman!!

Yesterday broke weather records all over the province.  Sustainable winds at about 70k/hr and gusts up to 120k/hr.  Temperatures in Edmonton around 11C all day.  Everything was melting but icy patches everywhere.

I’ve been into Edmonton most days this week…joyously spending the days with our 3 grand babies and daughter Kirsten.  Kirsten is doing great.  Baby Meaghan is a textbook newborn; eating and sleeping when predicted.  Tuesday, Kirsten packed all three of them into her van and brought them down to the farm for the day.  She then got caught up on her book work  here (GST is due) and went into the office for couple of hours mid afternoon.  Today she’ll take all three to Mack’s Sport Ball session .  She is now the mom of 3 and is wonderful at the job.  So proud of you my eldest child, you and Andrew are growing great children…it makes my heart sing.

One of the tasks that got ticked off my list this week was filling my feed room with Genesis Organic Horse Feed.  It is shipped into Edmonton and I pick it up one skid at time and get it to Flying Colours.  Our feed room was quite empty when I got home so I filled it!

First load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed this week.

First load of Genesis Organic Horse Feed this week.

The only advantage driving 2000 lbs of feed on the back of the truck from Edmonton to the farm was that I stayed on the road in the record weather that occurred yesterday.  The weather reporter on MSMBC has just put a name to what I drove in yesterday…a “ground blizzard!”.  That’s exactly what it was!!  There was so much blown snow across parts of the highway on the way home, it was hard to know where the road was in relationship to the fields.  There was not much traffic on the highways but many, many driverless trucks in the ditches.

So now the feed room is full of this amazing feed!!!  Call me if you need feed and we can arrange transport or pick up!!


Off to the barn and then to back home finish off the piles on my desk…



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